About Us

About Us

Power to the People Australia came about as a result of the draconian measures that Australia, in particular the state of Victoria, has found its selves in, in 2020.

Years of researching and discovering led us to believe that something wasn't quite right. The further we dug the more we learnt and when 2020 came upon us, more of the world started to wake up too and band together to fight the evil that is around us in many forms including our dictatorial government and the over enthusiastic brutality of the force they use to back them up, so called police men and women.

We believe every person has the right to Freedom, Choice and basic Human Rights. Many many people have not educated themselves on such things, they are feeling the effects of what is going on around them and now they are starting to wake up.  Our education system does not teach you this information and not always easy to find.

Our page will contain many resources and places of interest to go and start doing your own research. It will contain templates you can download and use. 

because they say, if you don't know what your rights are how can you defend your rights.

This journey can be a challenge at times, so be prepared to win some and lose some. Be prepared to be baffled by terminology, be prepared to take breaks and come back often and start again. The more you learn the further you get because you start to understand it and how to use it. As you have little wins along the way, you test various aspects, you get a thirst for wanting to learn more. Therefore you learn more then you do more and then you share more and then more people start to wake up.

We wish for you reading this, much success, freedom, your right to choose and to stand up for your human rights. 

The right to Live life by Design....your design not someone elses.

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We will be creating an exclusive area for members to access various templates that we have taken the time to either put together or sourced and collate together in one place for your ease of access.
Also you will access to discounts on our merchandise. Stay tuned..we have some good things in the pipeline.

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