Lots of information still to be added while we build this out. We'll get you started with a few though.

Australian Constitution

to be added soon

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Imperial Act Applications Act

Learn more about the Imperial Act Applications Act - in particular Section 8 Subsection 12

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Snow White

from another perspective

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Cease & Desist Order

For those continuing to carry on this Covid19 charade and all matters perttaining to it, serve them this Cease & Desist Order as provided by Romana Dildulo

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Bio Security Act

2015 Bio Security Act

in PDF (click on button)
Bio Security Facts & How to Protect Yourself (click video link)
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Maxims of Law

Learn more about the Maxims of Law

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Dr Vernon Colemans
book "covid the greatest
hoax in history"

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Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

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Privacy Amendment Act 2020 Section 94H

Have you been refused entry to a store or forced to sign the app?

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David-Wynn: Miller

Interesting site
worth viewing

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Request for Information

When police ask you for information you have the right to give them this along with your charges involved.

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Vaccine Information

To watch and reach much information about Vaccines 

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Business Owners Need to Know

Essential for every Business Owner to know about Covid Directives

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if you don't know your rights
how can you defend your rights?

Start educating yourself about even the basics and you will have a better chance of defending yourself as and when required. You don't need expensive lawyers. 
You will start to live a life of freedom, away from fear and being afraid of authorities.
We're not saying, go out and break the law, far from it. We're saying know and understand what legal and whats lawful. Know and understand their game and use it to your advantage

Understand what rights you have
Continually keep learning and discovering
Start putting what you learn into practice and share your wins
Have conversations with more people to help them understand too