When everything is a lie…

When everything you thought you once knew turns out to be a lie or not quite the truth, where do you turn?

In these interesting times we find ourselves living through in 2020/2021 it's a time where more and more people are waking up to the real truth and starting to understand that many of their rights and freedoms across the globe have been taken away from them.

Through educating, research, learning and sharing with each other people are starting to get it and do something about it. Sadly, it is not fast enough, so that's why we felt the need to create this platform and share as much information as we can that we come across in the hope that you too will learn, comprehend and share with others. If you have something to contribute then by all means drop us an email.

We have a lot more information to add here so please check back often. This is a labour of love because we do care about our rights and our freedoms. We have had experience defending our own court cases and know somewhat of how corrupt the system is and how far they'll go to.  Sometimes going through the experience is far more powerful than just reading about it.

Know this..

Nothing worth doing

Never.....Ever...Ever...came easy

Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what is right and they know what is right but they don't have the courage or the guts or the stamina to take it and to do it.

It's called the Road Less Travelled

What imprints will YOU leave in the sands of history?

What will people in the future say you did on this brief time on earth?

We are on this journey together and each and every one of us has a different experience to share.

Take what you want from this information. Do you own research, your own due diligence, be open to what might be possible, even if it seems way beyond what you might think is plausible.....these days anything is possible.

If I know one thing, it is stand in your own power and your own strength. Stand strong in your beliefs and faith and let no man take them away from you. You can choose what you want to believe in at any given point in time and it is not for any living man or woman to tell you otherwise.

May the angels be your guardians where ever you may be. May you be guided and supported along the way always.

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